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Kentucky Railway Museum Heritage Highball Excursion 

Historic Steam Locomotive C&O 2716 is on its way to Ravenna, Kentucky to be restored to operation...and you can be a part of the action! Thanks to a collaboration between CSX, RJ Corman, The Kentucky Railway Museum, Crew 152, Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp. and the Southern Appalachian Railroad Museum, you can be one of a select few to ride on an excursion behind this legendary locomotive as it is escorted on its way to new chapter in Eastern Kentucky!


The proceeds from each ticket sold will go directly to the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp's restoration of C&O 2716 and the Kentucky Railway Museum's rebuild of L&N 152 - an unprecedented opportunity to help restore two iconic steam locomotives at the same time! 


Friday, July 26th, 2019




Kentucky Railway Musem

136 S Main St 

New Haven, KY 40052


Ride along with history as 2716 takes its first steps in a journey to be restored to operation! The locomotive will be escorted from the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, Kentucky close to CSX Transportation's interchange point at Lebanon Junction. Thanks to an unprecedented collaboration between three preservation groups and two railroad companies, the train will be lead by recently-restored vintage diesel locomotive, Clinchfield 800, operated by the Southern Appalachian Railroad Museum. This special train will not only include CRR 800 and C&O 2716 but also recently-restored C&O caboose 3203 which was rehabbed for Kentucky Steam by CSX at their Huntington WV shops earlier this year. 

Ride in vintage coaches behind Clinchfield 800 and C&O 2716 on the 22-mile journey from New Haven to Boston, KY and return. This Kentucky Railway Museum excursion run will take approximately 2.5 hours and will also include a special photo run-by - an opportunity for excursion riders to deboard the train during the trip to photograph and video the train as it rolls past you on the scenic KRM rail line. All riders will be able to tour the museum afterward and will also be given a souvenir gift pack on board the train.

  • This is a round-trip excursion. 800 and 2716 will be cut off the train at the halfway point, and KRM diesels will take the train back to the Station in New Haven.




Be one of the first ever to ride in newly-refurbished C&O Caboose 3203, which turns 50 years old this year. Your trip on the KRM Line will include onboard breakfast and refreshments and a souvenir plaque commemorating the event. You will also be afforded the opportunity to attend a private photo session on Thursday, July 25th at KRM with Clinchfield 800, and will receive VIP access to other 2716-centered events throughout the weekend. Riders will deboard the caboose and re-board the train at the halfway point. Click BUY for more info! Tickets are extremely limited.

  • Caboose 3230 is not accessible without climbing non-ADA compliant steps. Due to the nature of the equipment, riders must be able to enter the cab under their own locomotion.

  • At the halfway point,  riders will be taken back to the station on another car set aside especially for those riding in the cab and caboose for this event. 

  • Please notify us of any food allergies at least two weeks before the event at info@kentuckysteam.org



Only four exclusive tickets will be offered to ride the cab of 2716. Your trip from New Haven to the CSX interchange will also include several special opportunities including breakfast, free admission to a private photo session featuring 2716 and CRR 800 on Thursday, July 25th, a commemorative plaque, and aluminum C&O builders or number plate. Cab riders will also be given a special-access pass for the weekend, including a VIP event in Lexington on July 27th. Riders will deboard the cab at the halfway point and join the train back to New Haven. Click BUY for more info. Only four tickets are available.

  • The cab of 2716 is not accessible without climbing a ladder into the locomotive. Due to the nature of the equipment, riders must be able to enter the cab under their own locomotion.

  • At the halfway point, cab riders will be taken back to the station on another car set aside especially for those riding in the cab and caboose for this event. 

  • Please notify us of any food allergies at least two weeks before the event at info@kentuckysteam.org



Ride in the cab of guest locomotive Clinchfield 800 which will lead the excursion train. You will be in the lead from New Haven, KY to interchange with CSX before re-boarding the excursion train back to the museum.  Tickets include pre-departure breakfast and a souvenir plaque commemorating the event. You can also attend a private photo session on Thursday, July 25th at KRM with Clinchfield 800, and will receive VIP access to other 2716-centered events throughout the weekend. Click BUY for more info. Only two tickets are available.

  • The cab of 800 is not accessible without climbing a ladder into the locomotive. Due to the nature of the equipment, riders must be able to enter the cab under their own locomotion.

  • At the halfway point, cab riders will be taken back to the station on another car set aside especially for those riding in the cab and caboose for this event. 


Do you have an interest in this event and want to track the train the whole weekend? Buy a "Tracks Ahead" pass where you can be a part of the action and get access to special move updates as the train moves from New Haven to Ravenna over the course of 3 days. You'll be given a lanyard that will allow you to jump ahead of the line for cab and equipment tours over the weekend festivities, and can be one of the first to visit 2716 in Ravenna on Kentucky Steam's property. Just 25 passes will be available. 

  • Lanyards will be available for pickup at Kentucky Railway Museum on the morning of the event, or other strategic locations along the route. Details will be emailed to all those who purchase a Tracks Ahead Pass. 




A variety of hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts are located a short drive from New Haven in historic Bardstown, Kentucky. For a complete list including reviews from TripAdvisor, CLICK HERE


  • Bourbon: As the Bourbon Capital of the World, Bardstown, Kentucky and the surrounding area, is home to a distinguished collection of world-famous distilleries. Many of them offer complimentary tours, allowing you to discover the craftsmanship and tradition of the state’s signature spirit. LEARN MORE

  • More Trains (Plus Dinner): My Old Kentucky Dinner Train, run by our corporate partner RJ Corman Railroad Group, is located in Bardstown. While aboard the beautifully restored 1940's dining cars, passengers experience a 2 1/2 hour journey throughout beautiful Kentucky countryside, passing through the Bernheim Forest over a wooden trestle bridge and by famous distilleries such as Four Roses and Jim Beam. Indulge in a gourmet, multi-course lunch or dinner prepared fresh on board by our renowned culinary team. LEARN MORE HERE

  • History and Culture: The area abounds with a variety of historical sites and cultural attractions. From Civil War history museums to My Old Kentucky Home State Park, there's a variety of activities and heritage sites to choose from. Check out the excellent rundown of what's in store at the Bardstown tourism site HERE

  • Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace: No trip to the area would be complete without a visit to the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, just a few miles down the road from Kentucky Railway Museum in Hodgenville. Visit the official site of the birthplace and memorial HERE


  • Kentucky Railway Museum will have plenty of parking, but to ensure getting a good spot, plan on arriving well in advance of the event. 


Friday, July 26th, 2019




Kentucky Railway Musem

136 S Main St 

New Haven, KY 40052

Ticket Policies

Ticket Handling Fees

A ticket handling fee will be charged for each ticket. This fee will be indicated separately from the price of the ticket. Not all tickets will have a handling fee charged.

Can I get a refund on tickets?

Refunds are issued on a case by case basis please reach out to us at either info@kentuckysteam.org or call us at 1-833-597-8326 Option 4.

Conformation and tickets where can I find them?

Your receipt and conformation will be emailed to you upon completing the transaction. If you purchased your tickets in person, then you should have gotten a copy of your tickets and a receipt during that transaction. Please note that if you need assistance or have lost your tickets we can help. Please send us an email to info@kentuckysteam.org

Can I split tickets between days?

Tickets are sold for the day of a trip or event and cannot be used for another day. If the option exists to split a ticket, it will be indicated.

Safety & Prohibited Items

I have mobility issues. Can I still ride the train?

We welcome all passengers. However, safety is paramount during all events.

For rail events, please note that most heritage passenger cars were built before the American with Disabilities Act. They are exempt from ADA Compatibility requirements due to their age. We will try to make accommodations as possible provided that the accommodations do not place visitors, participants, volunteers, workers, contractors, or employees at risk of harm or injury. If you have questions about accessibility, please contact us at info@kentuckysteam.org

Can you accomodate wheelchairs?

Events on Trains: We cannot accommodate motorized wheel chairs for events that take place on railcars. However we can accommodate wheelchairs that can fold. However, someone must be available to load and unload the chair. KSHC members will be happy to help however cannot load a person onto the train. Riders must be able to board under their own power.

Safety boarding and disembarking on rail events?

Boarding and Disembarking may take place in the dark. Boarding crew will be able to assist however due to the nature of rail equipment you may need to perform the following - Walk on areas that are grassy, uneven, or gravel covered - Take an inital step onto the train of up to 18 to 24 inches. Depending on ground conditions. Boarding will only take place at vestibules that are safe to open with a step box provided. - Walking through narrow aisles or hallways of a railcar - Walking to or through several railcars (each railcar is up to 85 feet in length) If you do not feel you can handle some of these requirements please contact us directly at infor@kentuckysteam.org

Moving about a train; what can I expect?

On a moving train, you should be prepared for sudden movements at any time. With that in mind, railcars are built sturdily. The walls, furniture, and handrails are solid. Please use them while walking through cars - we want everyone to be safe during all events. With that said be mindful that slack action or slipping can cause moderate to severe jerking. If this happens do not hesitate to sit down until the motion subsides...be it the nearest chair, booth, or even floor.

Can I open the window or vestibuile of a train car?

Train windows and vestibules need to stay closed unless otherwise indicated. When it is safe and prudent to open a window or vestibule (if allowed), a crew member will let everyone know.

Prohibited Items

-Personal alcohol is not permitted in event spaces or on trains. Alcohol will only be allowed if provided for the event either as part of a ticket or for sale. -Smoking in non-smoking areas and or on a train is not permitted at any time. -No illicit drugs are permitted at any events sponsored or run by the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation. -Concealed or Open Carry Firearms are not permitted on Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation grounds or events.

Can I bring my pet to an event?

Pet friendly events will be indicated. However, events taking place on railcars cannot accommodate pets. Service animals are welcome and allowed but the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation must be contacted before the event and informed of the pet size.

On Rail Events

How do car selections and seating work?

Trips that take place on railcars will be sold by individual railcar. Please note the car your purchase your tickets for, this will be indicated on your ticket.

How would I sit with friends or another couple?

Make sure when you and your friends purchase tickets that your tickets are for the same car and class of seating. If you have questions please feel free to contact us at info@kentuckysteam.org

Will I have to sit with other people?

If you purchase seats in car that has tables you may be sitting with another group or couple. Each ticket is good for one seat unless otherwise indicated.

I am part of a large group how can I assure we are seated togeather?

If you are part of a large group please arrive and line up early at the designated meeting point for group. You will find that boarding as a group and being early you will have a better chance to find seats that are all together.

Are their different prices for children compared to adults?

Tickets are purchased on a per seat basis. Children 3 and up are required to have their own seat. However children under 3 are welcome to ride on a parents lap. Keep in mind that longer trips would make for a possibly uncomfortable ride.

Are restrooms available on the train?

Restroom availability will be indicated for each event. Please note that riding in some cars such as a caboose will not have a restroom available and access to other cars will be limited while in motion.

Heritage Highball FAQ

Is this a round trip excursion?

Yes. The train will depart from and return to the main Kentucky Railway Museum Station at New Haven.

Will food and drink be available on the train?

Bottled Water will be provided for all passengers. Food will only be available for those riding on the caboose or in the cabs of the locomotives.

What happens if it rains?

The event will go on rain or shine. We will, however, take great precaution should any weather event pose safety issues.

I'm riding the caboose / cab. What are the logistics involved?

Your boarding site will be the same as coach riders - at the main Museum Station. As the train nears its halfway point, however, you'll deboard your spot in the caboose or cab and re-board the train in a specific car designed for our VIP riders. The caboose and engines will be headed out to the main line for the rest of the journey to Ravenna - while the excurision train will turn back to New Haven.

Disclaimers & Other Information

  • For rail events, motive power and rolling stock may be substituted for any reason. All efforts will be made to prevent this from happening.

  • Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation & other event partners assume no responsibility for delays, injuries, equipment failure, loss or damage.

  • If an event has a scheduled departure time, please arrive at a minimum of one hour early. Please plan ahead and locate parking and transportation to event area ahead of time.

  • By riding or participating in a Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation event, you grant the right for photographic, video, audio to be used in marketing, training, and advertising by the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation.

  • We, the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation reserve the right to update these policies and frequently asked questions at any time.


499 Kirkland Ave  
Irvine, KY 40336
1-833-KY STEAM
The Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation (KSHC) is a Kentucky based 501 c(3) non-profit organization operating with the intent to educate, entertain and inspire past, current and future generations by operating historic rail equipment. The hallmark of our efforts is the restoration of Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Steam Locomotive 2716 to operation. The restoration and operation of 2716 and other historic pieces will prove to be living history and will serve as an educational tool, enhancing heritage tourism and stimulating economic growth.
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