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Being safe around the railroad is of the utmost importance. Your safety is entirely dependent on your actions and staying alert at all times. It will keep you and others safe at all times. We hope you will take a few minutes to read some of these safety tips.

  • Did you know that railroads are private property? Trespassing on railway property is illegal and dangerous.

  • Do not cross rivers or streams on railway bridges and trestles. If a train comes you have nowhere to go.

  • Cutting through a rail yard is dangerous. Rail equipment can move at any time. Take the safe way - cross on designated public railway crossings.

  • Did you know that the railway's property extends many many feet to either side of the tracks? You could be trespassing and not even know it.

  • Want to photograph a train? Do so from a public area or get permission from a property owner. Never trespass on private land. Always get permission.

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  • Trains are not limited to just the tracks. Trains overhang tracks by 3 feet, sometimes even more.

  • Placing objects such as pennies and rocks on the tracks can be dangerous. They can fly out from underneath the wheels when a train hits them.

  • Be aware of trains and their location they move quickly and quietly and may be closer than they appear.

  • Trains do not always run on a specific schedule and can appear at any time. Never assume you know the schedule of a train.

  • When approaching a crossing always remember: Stop, Look, and Listen

  • Never take photographs from the train tracks always do so from a safe public area.

See Tracks, Think Trains!

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